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We recently talked about whether or not photographers should even be doing mini sessions–– and the consensus was a resounding yes. Mini sessions can be great for your business in a variety of ways. But mini sessions only work if you actually have people attend them. So, how do you sell out your mini sessions? Here’s how to sell out your mini sessions.

How to Sell Out Your Mini Sessions


Today’s episode of the Photo Opp Podcast covers SO much exciting stuff, from shooting weddings on film, to prop styling, to diversifying your income as a photographer. Wedding photographer and founder of the Locust Collection, Kate Ignatowski, dives into the nitty-gritty of what it took to start her own business beyond her own photography, and pursuing projects that matter personally.

The Photo Opp Podcast – Episode 4: Film Wedding Photography, Diversifying Income and More | Guest: Kate Ignatowski at Locust Collection


How to learn from cold leads in your wedding photography business. Figure out why a lead may have gone cold to improve your wedding photography business.

How Cold Leads Can Help Your Wedding Photography Business


Today’s episode of the Photo Opp Podcast covers making print sales a part of your client experience. Print sales can make a good source of additional income for your business but making it a part of your client experience can make it a consistent and permanent source. We explore how to create a unique client experience around print sales with Karen Clouse at Shootproof.

The Photo Opp Podcast – Episode 3: Making Print Sales a Part of Your Client Experience | Guest: Karen Clouse at Shootproof


Why you should consider adding mini sessions to your photography business. How photographers can earn additional revenue with mini sessions for families.

Should You Do Mini Sessions in Your Photography Business?


Today’s episode of the Photo Opp Podcast is all about how to market your wedding photography business on Instagram – for free. We’re skipping FB/IG ads and going straight to the no-cost strategies for wedding photographers to market their brands on Instagram.

The Photo Opp Podcast – Episode 2: No-Cost Instagram Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers