What to Do When a Client Asks You to Lower Your Price

How to deal with clients asking you to lower your wedding photography price

As a wedding photographer, it’s likely that you’ve run into a lot of clients asking you to lower your wedding photography price. There are plenty of reasons for this. Not every client values wedding photography in the same way. Some weddings just don’t have an exceptionally large budget. Whatever the case may be, it can be frustrating for photographers. Figuring out the right way to reply to clients asking you to lower your wedding photography price can help relieve stress from that process.

Politely explain that your packages are not negotiable

Many photographers calculate their package prices based on a number of factors. This allows them to keep running a profitable business. This package price typically lumps in business expenses, editing time, taxes, how many weddings you book per year, and so on. Explaining to your clients politely that your packages are not negotiable may help them to understand the cost more. If you come at this from a calm and reasonable place, some clients may make the room in their budget for your services.

Remember to be kind – priorities differ between couples

Not every couple considers wedding photography a top priority. That’s their prerogative, and that’s okay! It may be hard to understand where they’re coming from as a wedding photographer. That being said, if they’re trying to negotiate your wedding photography price, it’s likely that they just aren’t making it a large priority in their budget.

Consider whether you actually would lower it

There are a few factors that may make you consider whether or not you’d actually lower your wedding photography price. In some cases, it may be beneficial to your business to negotiate with the clients. A few things to consider on negotiating wedding photography prices:

Is it a venue you’ve always wanted to shoot at?

I’ve negotiated price with clients before because the venues were absolute dream venues to photograph. There are some things that are worth it for our business to trade off a few hundred dollars on a package in exchange for adding it to our portfolio. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door with venues that you really want to develop a relationship with.

Is it a day you would otherwise be booked?

Is the wedding being held on a day you’d otherwise be booked for? I get booked on a lot of Friday and Sunday weddings in New York, but many areas don’t have Friday/Sunday weddings as common wedding dates. I’ve also negotiated prices for Monday and Thursday weddings – days that honestly, I probably wouldn’t otherwise be booked for.

Is there something else about the wedding that would benefit your business?

Sometimes photographers consider lowering their price if it’s for a specific planner they’ve had their eye on working with. This could also apply to other vendors like florists or dress designers. There may be something you know about the wedding from your conversations about the couple that may benefit your business. Consider whether any of these factors are enough to negotiate your price.

What to say when clients ask to lower wedding photography price

If lowering the price, let them know they are exceptional

If you agree to lower the package price for a client, make sure to let them know that they are exceptional. Share with them how important it is for you to capture their day, and how excited you are! Sharing your enthusiasm for their wedding will help in building your budding client relationship. People like to feel special, and since you are making a special exception, show them that. You can also negotiate the payment conditions of the lower price. For example, if you normally take payments in thirds, perhaps accepting 50% up front will make it easier on your financial schedule.

Email template for responding to lowball offers

I’d like to start off by saying how grateful I am that you’ve considered me for your wedding day photography. Unfortunately, at this time I’m not able to lower my packages prices from where they currently stand.

These packages are based on the costs of not only the wedding day photography, but the surrounding parts of the photography business that allow me to capture and deliver high quality results. To continue to photograph and deliver wonderful wedding experiences like yours, the prices are set to reflect that.

I’m so appreciative of your kind words on my work thus far. It would be an honor to capture your special day! If you are able to make the budget work, I would love to photograph the lifelong memories that reflect the beautiful story that you’ve shared with me in our conversations.

If photography is not a priority in your budget, I would suggest looking into some photography businesses that are newer and looking to get their start. There are many photographers who are training or working to become full-time wedding photographers who are often very flexible with pricing.

Thank you once again for your consideration!

Email template for accepting lower offers

I’d like to thank you once again for considering me for your wedding day photography. Although our budgets are not aligned, I would love to make this work for your wedding.

Given the circumstance of your story/your venue/your chosen date/etc., I’m happy to make the exception on this pricing. I’m so grateful that you’d like to have me capture your special day!

If you’re ready to move forward, I can prepare a contract and invoice. Given the exceptional circumstances with the pricing, we’ll need a signed contract and 50% deposit to secure your date.

I’m so excited to capture these memories for you. Thank you once again for your consideration!

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