Make Money as a Wedding Photographer During Coronavirus

How Wedding Photographers Can Make Money During Coronavirus

It is a very hard time for wedding photographers during the coronavirus pandemic. Having no certainty on an end date is stressful enough. But not being sure when your next wedding will be can induce a lot of stress. Relieve some of that stress with these ways to generate income for your wedding photography business during coronavirus. Here’s how wedding photographers can make money during coronavirus.

How to make money as a wedding photographer during coronavirus

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Sell wedding photography prints

Sell wedding photography prints to clients that you have already photographed. Whether it is an engagement shoot or a wedding day, this is a perfect opportunity to start selling prints. Shootproof, for example, is a gallery tool for clients where they can purchase prints directly from their gallery. Remind your clients that they can purchase prints. You can also offer them a certain discount, whether that’s a percentage off or a certain item free when they add other items to the cart. You can also choose to donate a certain percentage of the profits to local causes that are fighting the coronavirus pandemic. This may entice your clients even more to purchase prints.

Sell albums to previous clients

Have your clients purchased an album yet? Remind them that now is a perfect time to purchase an album. You have a lot more time on your hands to be able to design them. To enchant your clients even further with the prospect of an album, you can also take a few minutes to design a couple of albums spreads to show off what the capabilities are before they end up purchasing. Companies like Artifact Uprising are perfect to sell photography albums to wedding clients.

Collect deposits in exchange for small barters

Ask clients who are booked for later in the year and for 2021 to give the second installment of their payments in exchange for a small barter. This could look like an extra hour for free on their wedding package, a certain percentage off of prints in their final order, or a certain amount off of their final installment. This is a great way to keep cash flow in your business during the interim where we’re not sure when our next payment is coming in.

Sell gift cards for engagement shoots

For couples that are inquiring about engagement shoots, sell gift cards for when the coronavirus pandemic starts to subside. This will be a great way to keep cash flowing into your business. You can even offer a certain discount if they prefer to book and pay upfront and redeem the gift card whenever the pandemic starts to subside in your area. Plus, it will keep you top of mind for couples who are booking engagement shoots with you for their wedding day photography as well.

Sell to stock image sites

Do you have some beautiful detail photos? Sell them to stock image websites. If you have wonderful shots like flatlays, flowers, rings, or nondescript photos of couples that don’t show their face, you can sell these to stock websites. This may be a great way to earn some extra passive income in your business.

Sell Lightroom Presets and Adobe Photoshop actions

Do you have a distinctive editing style? Sell Adobe Lightroom presets or adobe Photoshop actions and share your talents with other photographers. There are many photographers who appreciate the “light and airy” style of images, while others prefer “dark and moody” images. There is a whole range of styles in between, so figure out what you may best be able to sell to a specific wedding photography market.

Sell wedding photography marketing products

If you have a marketing system that works really well for your photography business, sell marketing materials to fellow photographers. Whether that’s a Facebook ad system, a certain email marketing system, or a different social network strategy, like Pinterest, knows a great time to sell education to other photographers who are stepping up their marketing. This could also mean things like investment guide templates, email templates, or anything else you think could be applicable to a wide range of photographers in their business.

Pitch accessories brands for still life photography

If you’d like to shoot a lot of still life’s in your wedding photography business, pitch accessories brands for still life photography. You can still complete still life photography without having clients nearby. Reach out to brands and prepare pictures to shoot their accessories in your home in a styled fashion.

Apply for photography grants

Apply for photography grants for your business. There are many local grants that help photographers in need. Now, more than ever, companies are stepping up with grants for freelancers and photographers who are in need. Look into grants hosted by platforms that you use and buy local businesses. Now is the time to apply for photography grants.

Enter photography contests

Enter local photography contests. There are online photography contests, as well as local run contests. These can often be for cash prizes or gift cards. Look into photography contest in your local area. This may bring some small amount of cash flow into your business.

Suggest elopements for when things cool down

For when the coronavirus pandemic starts to cool down, suggest elopements to your clients. They may not be the most comfortable with a large group gathering even after the curve starts to subside, but elopements may be a wonderful option for your clients. They are low maintenance, low stress, and yet so beautiful. Put together an elopement option in your wedding photography packages for clients who still don’t know how the state of the world is going to be, but still want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Don’t give up on your business

Whatever you do during the coronavirus pandemic, don’t give up on your business. Remember that there are tons of options for you right now to keep building your income. Despite having a lack of weddings, there are other ways for wedding photographers to make money during coronavirus. Give yourself time to rest, but don’t give up.

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