Ideas for Wedding Photographers to Give Back During COVID-19

How wedding photographers can give back to first responders during coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to face the future for photographers. We don’t know when this is going to end or how this is going to affect business in the long run. What we do know is that first responders are working hard to make sure that everyone is being taken care of. There are so many ways to give back to first responders during coronavirus. Let’s go over some methods of giving back to the community.

Wedding photographers give back during coronavirus

Offer a giveaway for first responders

Offer a giveaway for first responders. Whether that’s an engagement session or a full package, show your community you care with a photography giveaway for first responders. You can share these through Instagram, Facebook or even a Facebook Ads run. If you’re giving away an entire package, the runner-up could receive a 50% off package and others could receive free engagement sessions. When offering an engagement session giveaway, you could give those who did not win credit for prints or for a certain percentage off of their next session.

Buy a session, give a session to a first responder

As a photographer during coronavirus, you could offer engagement session gift cards. You can keep a solid cash flow into your business by offering gift cards. These can be redeemed when things start to resolve in your area. When offering these session gift cards, you could do a “BOGO” (buy one get one) offer that gives the complimentary session to a first responder of their choice. This allows you to give back to the community, and allows for the couple to give back as well.

Offer complimentary engagement sessions with wedding packages for first responders

If you have first responders who are booking 2021/2022 wedding packages, you can offer complimentary engagement sessions with their packages. This is a beautiful way to give back and alleviate some stress from their busy lives. Your first responder clients who receive this will remember how you said thank you to them. It’s likely they will take it to heart.

Give back to your community during COVID-19 as a wedding photographer

However you choose to give back to first responders during coronavirus, make sure you do show them that you care. These ideas for wedding photographers during COVID-19 to give back to first responders can show your current and future clients that you care about their efforts.

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