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Use Instagram to Get Wedding Photography Clients

Instagram is a terrific visual marketing tool for creatives to use to their advantage. When used strategically, it can be used by photographers for lead generation. But how exactly can you translate this social platform into paying clients? These are my strategies to use Instagram to get wedding photography clients.

Attract Wedding Photography Clients with Instagram

Location Tags

Using location tags that are specific to your area can generate local leads. When couples are scouting on Instagram for local venues and vendors, seeing your work pop up with other familiar local spots can put you on their radar for wedding photography. You wouldn’t believe how many people these days do their wedding scouting through Instagram!

Collaborate with Area Creatives and Vendors

Set up styled shoots and collaborations with other local wedding vendors. Other vendors are often looking to expand their portfolios with more beautiful images to attract the same clientele you are. Get together to make some magic so you all have some beautiful work to show for yourselves, tag everyone in your posts and get on their good list for when happy couples are looking for a photography recommendations from their vendors.

Using Niche Hashtags

The #WeddingPhotographer tag is going to be a lot more full than #TorontoPhotographer. Use hashtags to take advantage of a niche audience. Local couples you can serve are way more likely to be searching for #LocalWeddingVenueName than broadly in #WeddingVenues. Once they see how beautifully you’ve captured #SpecificDreamWeddingVenue, they’ll definitely look further into your work.

Engaging with Mirror Audiences

Like, comment and stay engaged with audiences that mirror your ideal audience. Peruse the profiles of those who are engaged with other local vendors to generate photography clients through Instagram. Keep your business front of mind for when they’re ready to start booking.

Reach Globally Within Your Niche

Get the attention of repost accounts by submitting your work through their hashtags or DMs. This kind of attention will shine a light on your work, and direct others to your profile. You never know when a potential client will be visiting or planning in your area and remember your work. Plus, getting the extra exposure of likes and followers gives your Instagram presence a healthy boost.

Use Instagram to Gain Photography Clients

These are just a few ways to generate wedding photography clients with Instagram. Want to learn to boost your Instagram presence? Here’s how I doubled my following in less than a year.

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Use Instagram to Get Wedding Photography Clients

  1. This is an excellent strategy, and one that I’m sure is transferable to other industries!

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    Great tips, i really appreciate this kind of strategies. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

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    This is so creative! I am a fan of instagram and it is really useful for my blogpost! – Surekha Busa

  4. Great tips! This applies not just to photographers, but other businesses in the wedding industry. 🙂

  5. I personally love seeing the professional photos on IG. You have really great tips here. I know when I see something I think is amazing it leaves a mental note to use that person once I have a need for it

  6. I believe that social media can really help you gain potential clients. If you are a photographer, IG is the best social media platform!

  7. Instagram is such a great business tool! I can see how it would be really helpful as a photographer.

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    Love this post ! I use Instagram for travel photography

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    Instagram is such a great tool! These are such great tips for photographers.

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    What great tips for photographers! And yes I agree about Instagram it’s such a great tool!

  11. Great tips! Being such a photo focused platform Instagram should really be the best channel to market through as well! Passing these tips on to my wedding photographer friends 😀

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    Instagram is such a great way to fulfill your requirement. It is the best social media platform in present time.

  13. Preet says:

    This is such a great guide. Instagram can be a great tool for our business, especially Photography. This post can be very useful when starting a photography business.

  14. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    I think you are right. I have seen some of the most beautiful wedding photography pictures and each time it definitely gets my attention.

  15. My mentor just had a live video about marketing yourself as a photographer on Ig. It’s a great platform, you definitely get people without even spending money on ads

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    I have viewed a lot of wedding photographs from instagram. Instagram is such a great way to fulfill your requirement.

  17. Since Facebook acquired instagram, the gram has become an amazing social media outfit for pulling in tons of quality traffic is used well. Thanks for sharing how to us the gram to attract certain types of clients.

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