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How to Use Tailwind for Instagram in Your Photography Business

One of the biggest assets in my photography business marketing is Tailwind. I’ve been using this tool for years to schedule my Instagram posts when I’m in a creative mood. It allows me to batch, optimize and essentially forget about the hassle of posting to Instagram every day.

This article contains an affiliate link for a product I’ve used for 5+ years on a daily basis.

Schedule Instagram posts with Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the most advanced Instagram scheduling tools. This tool will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts in bulk to streamline your process. Plus, if you know what you want to post but don’t have a caption ready yet, you can save it in your drafts. Keeping a consistent Instagram schedule is crucial for many photographers. It keeps you at top of mind for your clients who you’re showing up for on a daily basis. The ease of scheduling so you can put together your Instagram schedule in bulk and essentially forget about it is perfect for photographers. You’re already busy wearing a whole bunch of other hats – why make a daily Instagram post yet another thing on your to-do list?

Find optimal hashtags for your Instagram posts

This is a MAJOR asset for photographers who are scheduling their Instagram posts with Tailwind: finding hashtags. Tailwind allows you to find the best possible hashtags that will yield positive results for your post. It will allow you to figure out which hashtags are working in your niche without being too saturated or too obscure. Tailwind’s hashtagging tool will show you exactly which hashtags are optimal, which are overused and which are up-and-coming. Plus, it will suggest hashtags you may not have even thought of when you put in one hashtag!

Tailwind Instagram for Photographers

Tag other users and locations with Tailwind

You can tag users directly on the scheduled posts in Tailwind, something that some other scheduling apps can’t achieve. This is helpful for photographers who work with a lot of collaborators or want to tag venues. You can put tags directly on the image. You can also location tag the posts directly with Tailwind. With these two features you can increase the chances of being found even further. Show up in your collaborator’s tagged posts for more exposure to their audience, and show up in location tags for more local attention.

Optimize your posting schedule for your photography business

Not sure what the best time to post on Instagram is? Don’t worry about it – seriously. Tailwind takes care of this for you. No more worrying about what time your potential clients are checking their feed. Tailwind’s algorithm takes care of it for you.

Organize your Instagram grid with Tailwind for photographers

Are you a photographer who is obsessed with the way that their Instagram grid looks? You can shuffle things around directly with Tailwind’s Instagram grid feature. You can see exactly what your posts will look like with what you already have on your feed. For those photographers who treat their grid like a landing page, this is a feature that is absolutely worth it.

Get started with Tailwind for your photography business

Try Tailwind to upgrade your Instagram experience for your photography business. This tool has completely taken away the stress of having to post on Instagram every single day. With the capability to batch when I’m creative and allow the queue to flow, I have more time to focus on my business. If I had to come up with a new post and caption every single day, even when I’m not in a creative mindset, I’d drive myself absolutely nuts about Instagram.

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