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Tools to Make Blogging Easier – Streamline Blogging for Photographers

Streamline Blogging for Photographers with these Tools

I’m going to be honest: sometimes blogging can seem like a major task. I know that blogging is absolutely important for modern creative professionals. That doesn’t mean we all love to sit down for hours and hours every week and write out our blog post… which is why I found these different ways to strategically streamline the whole blogging process. Save time when you’re blogging by using these tools to make your blogging more efficient and more valuable. What can you do to save time on blogging?

Voice to Text/Siri

A while back, I realize how much easier blogging would be if I could just talk it out. So, that’s exactly what I started to do. I’ve been typing my blog posts into Siri for a while now and it takes a quarter of the time that it normally took me to sit down and write out a blog post. I just let my thoughts flow freely, and edit the text before posting. Using Siri to write your blog will save you time and energy if you’re not a fan of typing for hours. Most blog posts need to range between 300 and 700 words for ranking. Many people even aim for over 1000 words. Do you think I want to sit here daily or weekly and type over 1000 words? Heck no! I’m gonna let me do the talking. Typing with Siri is also helpful if you experience joint pain or carpal tunnel syndrome from typing.


Grammarly has been an absolute lifesaver. I’d like to think I’m pretty good with most spelling and grammar issues, but there is obviously a slip here and there. Grammarly is super helpful at calling out little mistakes I might not have otherwise noticed. Plus, when I’m using voice to text, it’s way easier to weed out the incorrect words and sentences with Grammarly‘s help. Grammarly is a free extension for Google Chrome that can completely change the way you type. Most blogging platforms come with a default spellcheck tool, but sometimes even those spellcheck tools miss certain issues.

Yoast SEO

When blogging on WordPress, I really love the Yoast SEO tool. A lot of my blogging is divided between Squarespace and WordPress for different purposes, but Yoast is an absolute necessity for anyone on WP. Even their free version is so helpful in its SEO & readability suggestions. Yoast is an amazing tool to take your SEO efforts off the ground, so your audience can actually FIND you.


Blogstomp is something that I had trouble adjusting to at first. I thought to myself “why can’t I just resize my own images?“ Well, I should’ve been asking… why would I take so much longer to do something that an app is going to do for me in seconds? It’s been a major timesaver. This app will change your image sizes for different social platforms, and allow you to create image layouts that are engaging for different marketing purposes. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s worth it.


Hootsuite is the perfect tool for multi-platform distribution of your blog content. If you’re a photographer, it’s likely that you have a presence on several social networks. Using Hootsuite to publish on multiple platforms all at once is an absolutely essential tool for any blogging photographer. Hootsuite also allows for three free accounts to publish to. You’ll have your bases covered for content distribution and give a little SEO boost to your blog content with social sharing.

These basic tools have allowed me a lot more time and freedom when it comes to my blogging endeavors. I’m so grateful to have found each of these blogging tools to help streamline my online efforts. From the writing process to the actual publishing, these tools will simplify blogging so you can spend more time on other pursuits that move the needle in your business.





Tools to Make Blogging Easier – Streamline Blogging for Photographers

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