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Should You Do Mini Sessions in Your Photography Business?

Why you should consider doing mini sessions

Mini sessions have been a hot debate amongst photographers for quite some time. Some photographers have viewed mini sessions as “amateur”. Others say that mini sessions devalue your photography business. But mini sessions don’t have to be amateur and don’t have to devalue your business. Mini sessions are a fantastic way to generate repeat photography clients, fill your calendar, and more. Here’s why you should consider doing mini sessions in your photography business.

Generate repeat clients (and willing advocates!)

Giving a great client experience in your mini sessions will generate repeat clients. Creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for families shows you’re a professional who knows what they’re doing. Doing mini sessions for families will easily generate repeat clients who love your work and want to continue to work with you as their family grows.

Adding onto your client experience: get the photos out to your clients quickly. Mini sessions are often used for holiday cards, social media posts, and overall timely needs that revolve around the holidays. The quicker you can get the photos to your clients, the more happy and excited they’ll be.

Fill your calendar

If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s likely that your calendar isn’t totally packed. Adding mini sessions for seasonal or monthly occasions can generate additional revenue in your business. Since you can pack multiple mini sessions into a few hours, it’s a quick way to earn more. Take a few hours out of your week once a month for a mini session day.

Create marketing materials

Use your mini session photographs to create great seasonal marketing materials. Use detail shots of your setups as nice backdrops for blog posts, social posts and so on. You can also use photos from the sessions to develop a more seasonal approach to your digital marketing.





Should You Do Mini Sessions in Your Photography Business?

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