Do You Need a Print Portfolio as a Wedding Photographer?

Why it’s good for wedding photographers to have a print portfolio

There are so many opportunities for photographers to show off their work digitally in today’s world. It’s super easy to show off digital portfolios on tablets, through social channels, and via the web. That being said, do you really need a print portfolio as a wedding photographer? Yes, it’s also beneficial to your business to have a print portfolio to show. The upkeep can be more difficult and more costly, but there is certainly value in having a print portfolio to share. Here are the top reasons to consider having a print portfolio as a wedding photographer.

Give your clients a tangible experience when you meet with them

When meeting your clients, showing up with an album gives them a tangible experience. They can flip through and get more familiarized with your work while you converse with them. This element of touch may connect them more to your work, and give them a chance to really take the time to look at your images beyond a quick scroll. Laying out a nice album on the table during your client conversations can be a great way to sell your work and drive more sales.

Drive more print sales with print examples

Drive sales to your prints with print examples for your clients. Sometimes people don’t know that they really would like prints until they see them right in front of them. A great way to do this for couples who you’ve only done engagement shoots for but haven’t signed the wedding contract with is to print out a couple of their engagement photos and show them images that they have a personal connection with. If you’re meeting with the client before selling your wedding or engagement photography package to them, having prints of your most beautiful work can certainly help to influence their decision.

Have an office or meeting space? Hang prints!

If you have an office or meeting space where your clients come to meet you, having hanging prints is absolutely essential! It may seem like a given, but it’s such an important thing not to skip this step. Have prints hanging on the walls, and have albums available for viewing on your coffee table or wherever your clients are meeting you.

Show clients your album design capabilities

Show off your album design capabilities with an album example readily available for clients. A major part of the album creation process that some clients might gloss over is the design aspect. Make sure your best examples are on show for when they’re deciding on your packages and add-ons.

Share your work at open houses, expos etc.

If you use bridal expos or open houses as a part of your marketing strategy, these are wonderful opportunities to show off your print marketing materials. Having a tablet around to show off newer work or video work is great, but print materials are a great way to get eyes on your work at events with those kinds of setups. Depending on the flexibility of your event, the options to have larger prints, posters, or signage are also available for even more tangibility and visibility for your brand.

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