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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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Pinterest Marketing Tips for Fashion Photographers

How fashion photographers can use Pinterest. Pinterest marketing tips for fashion photographers. Drive traffic and get leads with Pinterest for fashion photographers.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Pinterest marketing ideas for fashion photographers

Pinterest marketing for fashion photographers is an awesome way to work on optimizing your SEO, spread your work around, drive traffic, and generate leads. Pinterest is a great space to gather inspiration for all sorts of things. It’s also a great tool for promoting your own work. Pinterest is a major traffic driver to websites and blogs. When you start sharing your work, on your own terms, on Pinterest, you can generate both traffic and leads for your fashion photography business. Here are some ideas for Pinterest boards for fashion photographers.

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Why you need to market your fashion photography on Pinterest

One of the exciting things about Pinterest is that your pins are linked to the original source. What happens if your pin starts getting repinned over and over again? More links to your content. Not only is Pinterest great for driving specific leads and traffic, but it can also give a little boost to your SEO. Putting your own work on Pinterest, correctly keyworded, will also help with the image search results when you’re searching your own name. There are so many reasons to build an audience on Pinterest, so why not add it to your list of promotional channels?

How to market your fashion photography on Pinterest

An important note: Pinterest is not a social network. I look at Pinterest as a visual search engine. The people who are using Pinterest aren’t using it to connect with their friends and see what they’re up to. They’re using it to plan, to get inspired, and to look for specific visual content. Make sure your photos are the first thing they come across when they’re searching for specific things in fashion photography. When they’re looking for fashion photographers, inspiration for their mood boards, specific accessories or looks–– your images should be part of their vision board.

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Lighting boards

Create boards that focus on different scenarios of lighting in fashion photography. Use your own work to demonstrate examples of different fashion photography lighting situations. To take this a step further, create blog content focused around different lighting scenarios. Share photos that you really appreciate the lighting within. Think of lighting that other photographers would want to emulate themselves, and create different, specified boards focused around certain types of lighting.

Mood boards

Share different kinds of mood boards as Pinterest boards. Create boards that different editorial or advertising collaborators might be looking for in the future. If you’ve seen a ton of images, and created images, that could fit on a “fairy wonderland editorial” board, make it! Throw your images in the mix with other people’s to convey different moods on different boards.

Model boards

Create Pinterest boards of different models that give different vibes. These can be looked at like little casting boards. You can use your own photos of models in the mix, whether you’ve been doing testing or some clean editorial photography.

Location boards

Create boards of different shooting locations that adhere to certain guidelines. For example, if you’re looking for locations that are beautiful and floral, do some location scouting in your area to get location shots to share. These can even be converted into a blog post to be able to drive more traffic when people are searching for that specific location.

Makeup boards

Create makeup inspiration boards to share your beauty and fashion photography on Pinterest. Different makeup looks can warrant different boards, and the possibilites are endless. Mix your work with the work of others that inspire you to flesh out your makeup Pinterest boards. Try to use makeup shots from the makeup artist themselves. That way, when they check where their traffic is coming from, they find you from your Pinterest. If they’re local to your area, it may even lead to collaboration.

Styling boards

Just like the makeup boards, styling boards for fashion photographers are a great way to fill out your Pinterest queue. Create boards focused around different kinds of styling. If you’re a fashion photographer, it’s pretty likely that you’re shooting a diverse range of styles. Take advantage of the body of work you already have to create styling boards on Pinterest for fashion photographers.

Magazine boards

If you’re shooting editorials for magazines, putting together magazine inspiration boards on Pinterest is a great place to promote your images. Different styles for different kinds of magazines will give your Pinterest an extra flair with editorial quality work. Create boards for different magazines, or show off all of your editorial work at once.

Create a board for just your work

Create a board for just your work. If someone comes across your profile wanting to work with you, having a “portfolio” of sorts available is a good place to start. You can divide up the different genres you work in into different boards. Or, you can put all of your work into one place with a board.

How to keep up with Pinterest as a photographer

You’re shooting all the time. You’re probably blogging. It’s likely you’re on Instagram, Facebook, maybe even Twitter. How do you have time to keep up with Pinterest as a photographer? Using a tool like Tailwind to queue and schedule pins will make your life infinitely easier as a photographer. Keep up with Pinterest as a photographer by scheduling your work and inspiration in bulk. Set the queue to post a certain amount of times per day, and let the pins roll out. Take a few hours every couple of months to keep up with your queue, and keep your content fresh.

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