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Nicole & Wingel: North Broward Regional Courthouse Wedding

Nicole & Wingel Tie the Knot

At the end of November, one of my very best friends announced both her marriage and pregnancy. I was lucky enough to attend and photograph the intimate courthouse ceremony and wedding portraits. Met with a small group of friends and loved ones, Nicole and Wingel celebrated the official beginning of their next beautiful chapter. Nicole is a friend I’ve grown with for nearly eight years, and it warms my heart to see her thriving and excited about taking two very big steps. 

North Broward Regional Courthouse Ceremony

The marriage took place at the North Broward Regional Courthouse. The spot was a pleasant surprise for their small courthouse marriage. We entered the ceremony room to find an arch decked out with fairy lights and flowers. Not exactly what one thinks of when they think ‘courthouse ceremony’. The North Broward Regional Courthouse made this an even more beautiful occasion.

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

After Nicole and Wingel officially said their ‘I do’s’, we headed over to the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens for wedding portraits. This location was jaw-dropping; we walked around the property for hours enjoying the gorgeous scenery and gardens. Plus, the Morikami Museum itself is a fascinating part of the whole experience. These two got engaged in Japan, and it seemed only fitting that they’d want their wedding photos here. These Morikami Museum wedding photos are relaxed, informal and most of all, filled with love.

And Baby Makes Three

These photos were also used to announce the happy couple’s son, expected in May 2019. Congratulations to Nicole and Wingel on this exciting step in their journey together. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you!

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Nicole & Wingel: North Broward Regional Courthouse Wedding

  1. says:

    Lovely pictures and a beautiful couple. Much love and happiness to you and your growing family over the years. Congratulations Nicole and Wingel! xo

  2. My favorite day/weekend of my life – when I tied the knot with my husband! I would re-live it every single day if I could!!! <3

  3. says:

    Love the pictures and still remember my wedding like it was yesterday. Congratulations!

  4. These guys are adorable! Sooo sweet you chose to highlight this. sometimes the best thing to do is keep things simple and meaningful when it comes to weddings. It is precious to me that they took this step in matrimony the way "they" wanted it done. Wedding photos and all!

  5. Such a beautiful photoshoot. THey look so happy

  6. says:

    That was very sweet.. I also dreamed about getting when pregnant. It exceptional and romantic.

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos! My husband and I had a courthouse wedding and 21 years later, we’re still going strong!

  8. HI.
    I loved reading about your wedding. You 2 look so happy and, congratulations for the family growing up 🙂

  9. They look so happy and in love. Loving all the pictures. Congratulations to the couple.

  10. Oh, how lovely! Congratulations to the happy couple and well done for capturing their special day so perfectly. 🙂

  11. says:

    Congratulations to both of you. Your photo are so pretty. This is one of the loveliest wedding I have ever seen.

  12. Congrats. The pictures are lovely. I like the warm autumn tones.

  13. Thanks for sharing this lovely sharing, congrats!! All your photos so so lovely
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. I know plenty of couples who went with a courthouse marriage. It’s all about the union.

  15. says:

    Congratulations to the both you. The photos of the wedding are nice. And take of the baby too. I could feel the exact excitement that you feel right now.

  16. big congratulations to them! that courthouse ceremony is cute, love the touch of fairy lights

  17. says:

    Congratulations to this newly wedding couple! Life may be hard but still hang on with each other! 🙂

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