Make Money as a Family Photographer During Coronavirus

How Family Photographers Can Make Money During Coronavirus

Family photographers are working hard to keep their business afloat during coronavirus. But how does a family photographer make money during COVID-19? Here are some tips to keep your family photography business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Make money as a family photographer during coronavirus

Gift cards for family photography

Create e-gift cards for family photography sessions. That way, when the coronavirus pandemic subsides, you can offer family sessions. This creates a steady cash flow into your business. Market to previous and potential clients that they can buy gift cards to be first in line when sessions re-open.

Gratitude sessions

This refers to when a client buys a gift card, they can gift an additional session to a first responder of their choice. This is a great way to give back to your community. It also allows your family photography clients to give back to the community at the same time. Market your gratitude sessions as a “BOGO” scenario. Buy one, give one to a first responder. This attitude may entice your clients to be more thoughtful about their purchase.

Facetime sessions

It may be a little out of the box, but some photographers are doing Facetime sessions. Whether that means using the “Live Photo” feature when on Facetime with clients, taking screenshots, or taking photos of your screen, there are a variety of options. Facetime sessions are a neat way to capture this bizarre time in your family’s history.

Sell prints and albums

Sell prints and albums to previous family photography clients during coronavirus. Now is the time to catch up on your business housekeeping. One of those housekeeping items could be checking in on print sales. Have your clients bought prints yet, or just left them in their carts? Check in with your clients to see if they’d like to purchase prints. Let them know that this is a time of togetherness, and they can remember that each and every day with their family photos.

Put together education for parents

Put together education for parents on how they can photograph their family during this epidemic. Many parents are looking for things to do – give them the guide. Show them how they can best photograph their family.

Should you do “porch-trait” sessions?

There is a lot of debate about the idea of “porch-trait” sessions, aka the family porch sessions. These have gone viral online and are being hotly debated. Should photographers attempt to do porch-trait sessions? My thought is: for every one photographer doing it right, there are several that are doing it wrong. Abide by your town or city’s guidelines on social distancing. As someone living in Brooklyn, I’m playing it safe and staying at home as much as I possibly can.

Staying afloat as a family photographer during coronavirus

Times are difficult right now. It’s really hard to get up every day and keep working on your business. One thing to remember is that it’s also important to take time for yourself right now. It’s okay not to be functional while things are dysfunctional. We’re all taking this one day at a time. As long as you don’t give up on yourself or your business, that’s what matters. 

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