How to Sell Out Your Mini Sessions

Tips to sell out your mini session photography

We recently talked about whether or not photographers should even be doing mini sessions–– and the consensus was a resounding yes. Mini sessions can be great for your business in a variety of ways. But mini sessions only work if you actually have people attend them. So, how do you sell out your mini sessions? Here’s how to sell out your mini sessions.

Share example photos of what you’re offering in your mini sessions

Grab a friend or previous client and ask them to do a sample mini session with you in the same style that you’ll be shooting this upcoming session. There’s someone out there who is willing to hop on that free or discounted opportunity. Sharing example photos is a great way to entice clients so they know exactly what they’re signing up for. Mini session clients don’t typically want to be surprised with what their session is going to look like – show them what you have to offer!

Post to your social networks strategically

Post strategically to your social networks. Create engaging Instagram Stories with countdowns, swipe up links (if over 10K), polls and more to get interested parents engaging with you. Share preview photos on your feed to get people excited, and use Facebook to spread the word locally. Use strategic hashtags like #YOURAREAfamilyphotography #YOURAREAminisessions etc, and use location tags for people who are scouting out those locations anyway.

Share your mini session offers with your local community

Find local organizations that cater to parents specifically. There are fitness groups, daycares, family-oriented event organizers, and more out there who would love to hear from you. Share your mini session offering with groups in your local community both in real life and via social media. Facebook Groups are a great opportunity for photographers to share their mini sessions. Print marketing materials sent to local businesses are also a good way to get the word out there.

Offer a limited amount of spots

Offer a limited amount of spots for your mini sessions. Calculate how many sessions you can do in say, a 4 hour time span, and offer a number of spots based on that. Figure out how much you need to charge to offset any propping costs, travel (if any) and any space rentals (if any) as well as generate profit for you. Mini sessions can be a low-cost and fairly simple way to earn extra income for your business.

Create a mailing list for interested parents

Have some parents interested who can’t make your date? Create a mailing list for present and potential clients so they know when your next mini sessions are coming up and they can plan ahead. Creating a mailing list for mini sessions is a great way to showcase your offerings and get your info directly to your client base. Email marketing is super useful to photographers, and mini session notices are just one of the many ways you can use email marketing.

Be clear about your offering

Some mini sessions will only offer a certain number of digital files, while others will require you to purchase prints. Be clear with your potential clients about what you have to offer. People don’t love to be bait-and-switched, and if they don’t realize they have to buy every single digital file or something along those lines, they’re not going to be happy advocates of your business. Be upfront about whatever it is your mini sessions have to offer so people understand exactly what they’re investing in.

Use propping

Props are a super attractive pull for mini sessions. While many photographers can take their cameras out to a park or a backyard and take photos, having props or sets puts your mini sessions above and beyond. Just a few simple seasonal items (like pumpkins, for example, for autumn) can make a world of difference for your session. It shows that you’re putting time and care into these sessions, and will reflect well on your mini sessions for interested parents.

Sell out your mini sessions

Sell out your mini sessions using these quick and actionable tips. Mini sessions are a great way to fill out your calendar and drive additional income to your business. Have you started incorporating mini sessions into your business? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your experience.

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