How to Get Published as a Wedding Photographer

How to Get Your Wedding Photography Published

There are tons of publishing opportunities out there for wedding photographers. Wedding content is something that is always going to be popular. In the fast-paced digital age, it’s more and more of a requirement of wedding businesses to keep pushing content out. This has created a massive opportunity for photographers to get their work in front of new audiences and generate backlinks and potential leads. Read on about how to get published as a wedding photographer to help grow your business.

Submit to Magazines

Many wedding magazines take submissions for photographers. Usually they come in two types of submissions: real weddings and styled shoots. If you’re looking to submit work already created, submit your real weddings to magazines. If you want to create a collaborative piece, work on a styled shoot with local vendors. Check on whether or not they have an exclusivity requirement as well. Some magazines require exclusive, non-published work to be able to be featured in their publication. Others are more lenient and are okay with photography work that has already been published elsewhere. Note that published usually includes social posts, so if you’re looking at exclusive publications, be careful with social previews!

Contact Wedding Blogs

Contact wedding blogs for the chance to be featured. Many wedding blogs have submissions information readily available on their website. If they don’t, but they appear to take submissions, reach out directly. It’s likely that someone will get back to you with instructions or clarification on their blog. Wedding blogs are always looking for content to fill out their calendars, and your content may just fit their bill!

Submit Using Two Bright Lights

Two Bright Lights is a fantastic resource for wedding photographers. This website is specifically designed to connect photography professionals with publications. They feature blogs, digital magazines and print publications that range from independent features to The Knot. Two Bright Lights is totally worth the investment if you plan to submit a lot of wedding photography content as a photographer.

Scout Digital Wedding Magazines

Scout digital magazines on platforms like Issuu for those that take submissions. Not every magazine publisher is available on sites like TBL, so putting in a little bit of independent research is worth it. There are lots of digital wedding magazines that are looking for submissions but may not have as big of a platform for submission calls. Putting in that extra time to scout magazines is great for finding gems you may not have otherwise come across.

Guest post writing for local business blogs

Offer guest post contributions for local businesses. Many wedding-related local businesses have blogs, and guest writing is a good opportunity to get your name in front of their audience. You can even offer an exchange and have them write a guest post for your blog! It’s worth generating backlinks to your site and getting your name out there to potential clients via their digital audience.

Getting published as a wedding photographer

Getting published as a wedding photographer requires a bit of leg work, but is totally worth it. For the most part, all it costs you is time. If you can put time into the marketing of your photography business with digital and print publications, there is so much potential for growth in your business.

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