My Favorite Free Resources for Photographers

Free Resources for Photographers in 2020

Things are really difficult right now, and it’s hard to see the road ahead. The silver lining for photographers is that now we get to work on our marketing and branding efforts. We can prepare for the flood that is going to come after this drought. These are my favorite FREE resources for photographers to read, listen and watch. Each free resource for photographers is a huge lifesaver for businesses that aren’t ready or don’t want to spend tons on digital education.

Free Resources for Photographers in 2020

PDF Guides for Photographers

Rachel Brenke – DIY Legal Business Audit Checklist

This legal business audit checklist from Rachel Brenke is an absolutely essential free resource for photographers. For new photography businesses AND existing ones, this audit is important. Take this time to review what your business looks like structurally. The tips on this list will help you prepare your business to weather whatever storms may come in the future. It’s an absolute essential when you’re working out the legal side of your business in a DIY way.

Define Marketing – Google Ads Cheat Sheet

This Google Ads cheat sheet is packed with awesome tips for putting together Google Ads. Google Ads are a huge part of many photographers’ businesses, and if they’re not a part of yours – yet – they can be. Take a peek at this cheat sheet from Define Marketing.

Jenna Kutcher – 5 Free Email Templates

These email templates from Jenna Kutcher are a great jumping-off point for photographers who just plain hate emails. If you’re not huge on writing email communications, Jenna Kutcher’s 5 free email templates are awesome for giving your emails a little extra something

Megan Breukelman – Instagram Marketing for Wedding Photographers

This free Instagram marketing guide for wedding photographers is a super helpful guide (written by yours truly!) for bringing in wedding photography clients directly from Instagram. People have a lot to say when it comes to the Instagram platform, but it’s been a steady source of my wedding photography clients.

Ashlyn Carter – Website Copy Template

Ashlyn’s rule of websites: write the copy first, create the site second. Don’t just fill in the little text boxes on your Squarespace/Showit/Wix template – take the time to write out what you want to speak to as a brand, then fill in the blanks.

Podcasts for Photographers

The Photo Opp Podcast

The Photo Opp Podcast is my free resource for photographers of all levels. I chat with guests from different industries to gather useful tips for photographers to build and scale their businesses. I wanted to create a free resource for photographers that would spotlight different facets of the industry beyond just the technical side of photography, and dive deep into the overall business.

The Bokeh Podcast

The Bokeh Podcast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. Nathan is a fantastic host who really takes the time to get personal with his guests. He brings in the personal side of photography businesses with a lot of the people he speaks to. The Bokeh Podcast is so good that sometimes I forget it’s a free resource for photographers.

It Starts with a Click

Olivia is one of my very best friends and my entrepreneurial IDOL. Her podcast is so much fun to listen to, and having been a guest on it myself, she interviews SUPER well. Listen to this for actionable advice for all sorts of photographers, but especially fashion photographers.

The Beginner Photography Podcast

The Beginner Photography Podcast, IMO, is definitely NOT just for beginners. This podcast features all sorts of fantastic guests that give a really organic take on their field of expertise. 

The Six-Figure Photography Podcast

More of a rise-and-grind style podcast, the Six Figure Photography Podcast features Ben Hartley chatting with a multitude of different guests and really gets motivational.

Youtube Channels for Photographers

Joy Michelle

Joy Michelle is an absolute blessing in the Youtube photography world. Her videos primarily focus on branding and marketing. She talks about everything from client experience, to editing, to building your brand. This free resource for photographers primarily focuses on wedding photography, but can be applied to so many different types!

Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is someone that Kenneth and I can keep on Youtube in the background ALL. DAY. LONG. His videos give a fantastic look behind the scenes at wedding photography, give actionable advice on business and marketing, and give personal insight into Taylor’s life and career.

Henry Chen

Henry Chen recently opened up his channel to be inclusive to all wedding professionals, but his wedding photography and wedding business advice overall is super sound. Highly recommend that wedding photographers give his channel a try!


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