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Essential Sites for Finding Creative Job Listings & Internships

Throughout college, I was constantly combing the internet for opportunities. I didn’t have any connections at first and wanted to find job opportunities that spoke to me and were relevant to my creative career. There are plenty of career sites, but as a creative, how do you know where your time will be best spent? These are the absolute essential sites creative job listings –– so you can stop searching, and start pursuing.


Have you been dreaming about working at a magazine forever and ever? Ed2010 is the right place to start your hunt. This site frequently posts publishing-specific opportunities across major cities. Not only that –– it provides career advice, mentorships and so more resources that are specific to job-seekers in the publishing industry.

Other resources for publishing-specific opportunities: Meredith, Hearst, and Conde Nast’s careers pages.


A little more New York specific, the New York Foundation for the Arts has terrific job listings in in creative fields. This resource has internships, part time, temp and full time jobs in a variety of creative areas (and perhaps ones you hadn’t even considered).

Another resource for creative-specific opportunities: Behance

Intern Queen

Lauren Berger’s site Intern Queen is exactly what it sounds like. She really is the intern queen. Her listings are super diverse and include everything from fashion, to marketing, to entertainment, to gaming. Not only that, but the Intern Queen blog has great advice for up-and-comers including “How to Be an Activist on Campus”, “Dealing with Rejection” and more real-talk articles that are must-read for college students.

Another resource for internship opportunities: Free Fashion Internships, a site specifically for fashion internships.


Not only are you able to post your experience on LinkedIn, but you can also seek jobs right then and there. LinkedIn has seamless tools for applying to jobs that take a lot of the effort out of the process and can potentially show you how many other candidates are after the same job. You also have the ability to follow companies that you’d ideally want to work to stay up-to-date on their latest openings. You also have the ability to see if you have any mutual connections at said companies –– just in case you’ve got a friend who could help get your foot in the door. Recruiters are also keeping their eyes out on this network for potential recruits.

Other resources for general listings: Indeed, Glassdoor, Snagajob

Facebook Groups

I kid you not –– Facebook is a valuable resource when you’re on the job hunt. Whether it’s for freelance gigs or some steadier income, there are tons of groups you can join that are local to your area specifically for finding and hiring.

My final note is that it’s additionally important to check your favorite company websites for their own job listings that may not be listed in larger communities yet. You never know what opportunities you might stumble upon. Think I’m missing any resources? Let me know in the comments, or let me know what your creative job hunt experience has been like!

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Essential Sites for Finding Creative Job Listings & Internships

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  10. Very helpful list. What I’ve discovered with any of these sites is that you have to be persistent. You never know when you’ll uncover that golden nugget.

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