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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wedding Photography Business In any wedding photography business, there is room for growth and improvement. Whether you’re just starting a business or are a full time wedding photographer, you have lots of room to let your business prosper. These are simple and actionable ways to improve your wedding photography […]

How to Improve Your Wedding Photography Business





Become a wedding photographer

Building a Wedding Photography Business from the Ground Up If you’re looking to start a wedding photography business, you must make sure to do it properly. There are many ways to go about becoming a wedding photographer, but creating a successful business is different altogether. Starting any small business can be a large feat. As […]

How to Start a Wedding Photography Business

Side hustles for photographers

Ideas for photographers to make extra income Not every photographer makes their income solely from photography. There are several ways to generate income as a photographer without just the act of photographing. Since photography can be an up-and-down business based on seasonality and other factors, many photographers look for alternative ways to earn additional income. […]

Side Hustle Ideas for Photographers

What to say when clients ask to lower wedding photography price

How to deal with clients asking you to lower your wedding photography price As a wedding photographer, it’s likely that you’ve run into a lot of clients asking you to lower your wedding photography price. There are plenty of reasons for this. Not every client values wedding photography in the same way. Some weddings just […]

What to Do When a Client Asks You to Lower Your Price

Build a photography community

How to build community with other photographers Photography is an awesome place to build relationships. When you were a photographer, you are often building lots of social relationships with other vendors or collaborators. But when it comes to building a photography community, it can sometimes be a little more difficult. There is a lot of […]

How to Build Community with Other Photographers


Canon 135mm lens for wedding photography

The best wedding photography lenses for Canon in 2020 After years of trying to figure out the best combination of lenses for a wedding day, I’ve narrowed it down. An avid Canon shooter, I’ve been working on these lenses since I started shooting weddings at the age of 14. I’ve narrowed it down to these […]

Best Wedding Photography Lenses for Canon in 2020


How to make money as a wedding photographer during coronavirus

How Wedding Photographers Can Make Money During Coronavirus It is a very hard time for wedding photographers during the coronavirus pandemic. Having no certainty on an end date is stressful enough. But not being sure when your next wedding will be can induce a lot of stress. Relieve some of that stress with these ways […]

Make Money as a Wedding Photographer During Coronavirus


Make money as a family photographer during coronavirus

How Family Photographers Can Make Money During Coronavirus Family photographers are working hard to keep their business afloat during coronavirus. But how does a family photographer make money during COVID-19? Here are some tips to keep your family photography business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Gift cards for family photography Create e-gift cards for family […]

Make Money as a Family Photographer During Coronavirus


Wedding photographers give back during coronavirus

How wedding photographers can give back to first responders during coronavirus During the coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to face the future for photographers. We don’t know when this is going to end or how this is going to affect business in the long run. What we do know is that first responders are […]

Ideas for Wedding Photographers to Give Back During COVID-19


Photographer's Guide to Pinterest

Learn Pinterest strategies to grow and scale your photography business I’m so excited to share a brand new guide with you! If you’ve ever been curious about how Pinterest can affect your photography business, this is the guide for you. It’s absolutely no-frills learning and gets straight to what you need to do to make […]

The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide to Pinterest


50 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business During Coronavirus

50 Things You Can Do For Your Photography Business During Coronavirus These 50 things you can do for your photography business during coronavirus will help to prepare your business for the flood after this drought. With the COVID-19 limitations preventing wedding photographers, portrait photographers, fashion photographers and more from gathering and getting work done, here […]

50 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business During Coronavirus


Free Resources for Photographers in 2020 Things are really difficult right now, and it’s hard to see the road ahead. The silver lining for photographers is that now we get to work on our marketing and branding efforts. We can prepare for the flood that is going to come after this drought. These are my […]

My Favorite Free Resources for Photographers


Today’s episode of the Photo Opp Podcast gets into the details of copywriting and brand messaging for photographers. The amazing Ashlyn Carter joins us to talk shop about copywriting for your photography business.

The Photo Opp Podcast – Episode 6: Copywriting for Photographers | Guest: Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes


There are tons of publishing opportunities out there for wedding photographers. Wedding content is something that is always going to be popular. In the fast-paced digital age, it’s more and more of a requirement of wedding businesses to keep pushing content out. This has created a massive opportunity for photographers to get their work in front of new audiences and generate backlinks and potential leads. Read on about how to get published as a wedding photographer to help grow your business.

How to Get Published as a Wedding Photographer


We recently talked about whether or not photographers should even be doing mini sessions–– and the consensus was a resounding yes. Mini sessions can be great for your business in a variety of ways. But mini sessions only work if you actually have people attend them. So, how do you sell out your mini sessions? Here’s how to sell out your mini sessions.

How to Sell Out Your Mini Sessions