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The Only Free Lightroom Presets You Need in 2020

The Best Free Lightroom Presets

I absolutely love Adobe Lightroom. It’s an application that has completely streamlined my workflow as a photographer, and given me the ability to have quality, consistent work across multiple projects. One of the best things about Adobe Lightroom? The presets. However, we can’t all shell out for presets when we’re not totally sure how we’re going to use them, so I’ve put together a list of the best free Lightroom presets out there in 2019.

NEW: 3 Free Lightroom Presets for Photographers, Bloggers and Influencers

I’m so happy to share my first set of free Lightroom presets. This is my ‘Fall Day’ series, perfect for overcast days and golden hours. These Lightroom presets are perfect presets for bloggers, photographers and influencers who are trying to give their photos a little bit of a ‘pop’. These will make your tones more vibrant, while still keeping a more natural and realistic appearance overall.

10 Free Lightroom Presets Inspired by VSCO Cam – Nate Photographic

These presets are an awesome jumping off point. Inspired by the ever-popular photo app VSCO, these free Lightroom presets are excellent for up-and-comers. There is a great variety of styles these come in, so you can play around with different moods and vibes. Thanks, Nate Photographic!

Bold Film – Preset Kingdom

This is a fun preset for anyone looking for a more vintage look. This free Lightroom preset mimics the look of film photography in a very soothing, throwback Thursday kind of way. Perfect for anyone looking for a cloudy day film vibe.

Vows (Trial) – Lumosmax

This preset is a free trial of a bigger set of Lightroom presets. To find this free Lightroom preset, scroll to the bottom of the page and it will allow you to download this trial for free. It’s a great preset for weddings and events!

Skyfall – Free Lightroom Presets

This gorgeous, rich Lightroom preset works perfectly on images that have a pretty high contrast on their own. It creates a beautiful, warm autumn or late summer effect on photos.

Brandon Presets – Rocket Rooster

These free Lightroom presets are just awesome for darker shots and high contrast. They give off a cool, and almost spooky vibe–– but also look super beautiful on portraits.

Do you use Lightroom presets? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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The Only Free Lightroom Presets You Need in 2020

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