50 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business During Coronavirus

50 Things You Can Do For Your Photography Business During Coronavirus

These 50 things you can do for your photography business during coronavirus will help to prepare your business for the flood after this drought. With the COVID-19 limitations preventing wedding photographers, portrait photographers, fashion photographers and more from gathering and getting work done, here are some things to do. There are plenty of other ways you can serve your photography business and your clients during coronavirus.

50 Ways to Grow Your Photography Business During Coronavirus

This article contains affiliate links for platforms and products that I have tried, tested and genuinely endorse. 

  1. Sell gift cards
  2. Sell prints to previous photography clients
  3. Sell wedding albums
  4. Write new blog posts about recent sessions
  5. Write new educational blog posts for your clients
  6. Catch up on Instagram scheduling
  7. Catch up on Pinterest scheduling with Tailwind
  8. Join a social platform you’re not on (TikTok, Twitter)
  9. Create email campaigns to funnel clients through (and get 50% off Flodesk!)
  10. Update your Facebook Page cover photo, profile picture, about section
  11. Update your portfolio website
  12. Do some Facebook advertising A/B tests
  13. Organize your hard drives
  14. Organize your film negatives
  15. Take an online course to improve your business
  16. Listen to podcasts about photography
  17. Practice lighting on household objects, family members, pets
  18. Sell Lightroom presets
  19. Sell InDesign templates
  20. Sell Photoshop actions
  21. Prepare pitches to potential brand collaborators
  22. Prepare pitches to podcasts you may be a helpful guest to
  23. Prepare pitches for guest blogging opportunities on sites in your niche
  24. Join affiliate programs to promote products you appreciate for additional income
  25. Submit your photography to magazines
  26. Think up a giveaway to help your community
  27. Start using a CRM for your business
  28. Ensure your contracts are up to date
  29. Ensure your insurances are up to date
  30. Get caught up on your bookkeeping and expenses
  31. Update your web and social copy to be more inclusive
  32. Write an ebook for other photographers on something you are passionate/knowledgable about
  33. Host a webinar for other photographers to teach them and let them get to know your brand
  34. Practice food photography and still life photography
  35. Apply for grants that are applicable to your niche
  36. Enter your work into photography competitions
  37. Do a competitive analysis on photographers in your market
  38. Host a video meeting for some of your favorite local vendors
  39. Start a Facebook group for local vendors in your area and build community
  40. Create a highlight reel video for your photography business
  41. Try an iPhone photography project
  42. Do a FaceTime portrait photoshoot
  43. Update your business cards
  44. Redesign your website
  45. Sell stock photos
  46. Do interviews with local wedding vendors for your blog
  47. Find ways to improve your web SEO by adding metadata, links, etc.
  48. Add your business to local registries and listing sites
  49. Ask previous clients to write reviews for your business
  50. Hop on Instagram Live and show up for your clients

Any other ideas for what photographers can do during coronavirus?

Let me know in the comments what you’re doing in your photo business to grow during coronavirus. The most important thing to remember is to give yourself time to rest and recharge. It is a very strange and unprecedented time, and it’s perfectly normal to not be functional when things are dysfunctional. Just remember not to give up on yourself or your photography business during coronavirus.

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